We feel the Charter difference

Residents at Charter Senior Living of Verona will give it to you straight: Each day offers something new, but being treated with compassion and quality care is tried and true.

Read testimonials from residents and their loved ones to get a better understanding of how Charter stands out from other senior living communities.

“I placed a good friend at Charter Senior Living of Verona. My friend gets meals, his laundry gets done, he gets some daily reminders and guidance and yet his independence is still respected as far as possible. He doesn’t require nursing care but they do arrange some PT for him. He’s happy and healthy and if he’s happy, I’m happy”

– John F., Friend of Resident

“My Mom has been a resident at Charter Senior Living of Verona for 2 plus years. She is diabetic and requires her blood sugars to be checked 4x a day. Staff are very good at monitoring her blood sugars and calling the doctor if needed (for low or high blood sugars). The lead nurses, have taken the lead to report changes in my Mom’s blood sugars or overall health to the doctor to request a change in insulin dosage or other medications. Staff have also brought my Mom food or drinks when she was not feeling well and not able to go down to the dining room. I think the staff really care about the residents. My Mom definitely enjoys the staff and feels comfortable and safe.”

– Patty M., Family Member of Resident